Why should you hire us?

You need a website that is Customized, Extensible, Flexible, & Standards-Compliant… and you may not even know that yet.

Sometimes what you don’t know can hurt you. Websites can be a tricky medium. If they aren’t designed well they may not display on certain devices, might not be accessible to certain audiences, and might not communicate who you are or what you are about. Some platforms, while they seem enticing and easy-to-use, actually keep your data bottled up on someone else’s server so you don’t have access to your content without going through the company that built the site.

Unfortunately, there are a number of companies out there selling church websites that are not just inexpensive, but are cheap. At Studio Nine Creative, we talk before we ever start working on your website to make sure your new website not only serves your current needs, but also sets you up for your future needs.

Here are a few of the reasons you should strongly consider Studio Nine Creative for your church’s website:

You aren’t required to use us in the future.

Of course, we hope you will continue to use us in the future, but we know things can change. If you have a new member that knows how to develop websites, you want to be able to give them full control over your website. If you find another company that you like to work with better, you want to be able to work with them without having to completely rebuild your website from scratch. 

Many church website companies build your site on a specific platform that only that company can work on. Your information is locked into their servers. You can’t add custom functionality as you need it. You have to come back to the same company for future changes to the theme or feature set.

You need something better. That is why we build all our websites on Drupal, the most powerful open-source CMS available. Building your sites this way gives you the power and flexibility handle both your current needs and the demands of the future.

No monthly contracts required.

We install your website on your own server, and since we build on an open-source platform you aren’t locked into any monthly contracts with us. We offer maintenance packages, if you are interested, but they are not required. With other companies you must pay a monthly fee just to keep your site online. Not with Studio Nine Creative. You are in control, and that means your website is going to cost less over the long run.

We don’t build on platforms that are antiquated, proprietary, or aren’t standards compliant.

In order for some companies to keep costs down they build on platforms that are antiquated, restrictive, or both. For example, some companies build their sites entirely in Flash. While they may look pretty, they are a nightmare in terms of performance, flexibility, or accessibility. Other companies build on proprietary platforms that may work well in many cases, but they keep you locked into working with that company for as long as you have your website.

You need a solution that not only works well today, but is set up to work well into the future. Websites can be an incredibly useful tool or a drain on both time and resources, though most problems can be avoided by understanding your options before you start. If you have any questions, please call us and we’ll do whatever we can to help you find the solution that works best for you.